Mary Jane Lundy

Mary Jane Lundy graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a major in ceramics. She grew up in the small town of St. George, New Brunswick where she spent many summers playing on the Bay of Fundy. Her associations with the sea and its surroundings greatly influence her work.
Her ceramic sculptures of fish houses are stuffed full of Cod and other species. A plaster cast was made from the actual species.
Says Lundy, "These houses create humour and nostalgia, awareness of a time when fish were abundant." Fisherman are commerated by the naming of the houses.
Her sculptures of birds are whimsical and one imagines the gossip and chatter that amuse them - Crows commenting on the happenings in their neigbourhoods. Amusing, and yet making us aware of our environment and hopefully making us more vigilant
of our natural abundance.

Laughing Jack Eel *sold

Hand built clay fish filled with whimsy and colour!
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