Jamie Germaine

My work in clay began when I was a university student in the '70s. While pursing a degree in anthropology, I discovered the pottery studio at the student union and was smitten. Since that time I have explored the medium of clay both through participating in workshops around the world, and experimenting in my studio at home in South Melville, PE.

My surroundings of woodland and sea are reflected in the organic nature of the surfaces that I create on clay. I am intrigued by the versatility of clay and the ability to create textured environments within my pieces.

A workshop in Italy in 2003 introduced me to the primitive technique of smoke firing. Since that time I have been exploring the many facets of this alternative firing method. I am attracted to the subtle and earthy effects of the process that often remind me of the ancient artifacts I discovered while studying in Mexico.

My current body of work in the show, "Smoke and Texture," represents a departure from my previous wheel-thrown, functional work, to hand built ceramic wall art and sculptural forms. The challenge of creating new work for a show has pushed me in new and exciting directions. Inspiration for some of my new work comes from the prehistoric cave communities and remains of ancient villages explored on a recent stay in southern Italy.

Seaclay Vases

Seaclay Pottery by Prince Edward Island artist Jamie Germaine. Vases available in various sizes and colours: black, white & bronze.
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