Natasha Miller

Natasha is a self-taught artist who was born and raised on Vancouver Island but now resides in the West Isles of New Brunswick. Natasha specializes in a unique painting technique where she creates dramatic silhouette seascapes and landscapes using homemade charcoal from her mobile wood fired pizza oven and acrylic paint. She has always drawn inspiration from the silhouettes all around- sunsets foreshadowed by trees and rugged coastlines, the ocean and its boats, birds and beaches; all of which is reflected in her current works.

Pieces of Natasha's work are in numerous commercial galleries and private collections across Canada, USA, and Europe.

Lucky Charms

Using a unique technique to turn ash from her woodfire pizza oven into charcoal, Miller uses a mixed media approach to contrast sillhouette and colour to capture familiar maritime scenes in an eye-catching way.
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Acrylic, Charcoal & Ash
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