Georgie Read Barton

Georgie Read Barton was born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island and was a graduate of Mount Allison School of Fine Arts. She also studied at the Arts Students League of New York. She has exhibited in Canada, United States and England and taught art at the Edgehill School for Girls in Nova Scotia, the Ottawa Ladies College and St. Agnes School in New York. She was a tireless worker for many arts organizations both on Prince Edward Island and received many provincial, national and international awards and honours for her work in encouraging, promoting and supporting the arts.

From 1961 until her death in 1994 she returned annually to Prince Edward Island to teach and paint for six months of the year.

"I leave the unintelligible, the distorted, and sordid to others. For myself, it is my aim to recreate the inspiring beauty and magnificence around one, to share with others the joy I have received from depicting this beauty and to impart to the beholder a deeper reverence for such beauty"
-Georgie Read Barton