C. Anthony Law

C. Anthony Law - The Painting Commander, 1916-1996.

Born in London, England to Canadian parents, Law was inspired and encouraged to study art by his Grandfather Law, himself an artist and family friend and noted anthropologist, Dr. Marius Barbeau. He has studied painting and drawing with Franklin Brownell, Fred Varley, Frank Hennessey and Percyval Taylor Hart.

During the Second World War, Law served as an officer in the Canadian Navy. He was mentioned twice in dispatches, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. In 1943/44, while his flotilla of Motor Torpedo Boats was being prepared, he was commissioned as an Official War Artist, an assignment that was confirmed by his appointment as an Official Naval War Artist in 1945.

He has been artist-in-residence for Saint Mary's University and first curator of Saint Mary's University Art Gallery. He received an honorary Doctor of Letters in 1981.

His works are in the Tate Gallery, London and the National Art Gallery in Ottawa as well as many private and corporate collections.