Real Fournier

Through his artistic work, Real Fournier invites you to a new dimension. The origin of his sketches start with a question, "Who am I today?" Then, eyes closed, he lets his pen dance on a piece of paper and observe afterwards these inter-twined lines;from there, he outlines and discovers his drawing.
There is a real childlike joie de vivre about his work. He explores his art in infiniite dimensions. When he is painting, he wears 3D glasses which allow him to create multiple layers of colours in terms of the perspective of his drawing. We are then transported into a fantastic universe. "I now understand why I am painting like that, he says. It is like I am living the life of my childhood again. From all the imagery I am creating, I'm just seeing myself as a happy child. Inside I get closer to what my dreams say, that I will feel a profound joy to paint who I am.
Real's artworks can be found in numerous collections across North America and many countries in Europe.