Ron Arvidson

Ron is a Prince Edward Island artist who has been crafting distinctive pottery since 1971. His award-winning work has been displayed both nationally and in galleries across the Maritimes. His works are represented in both private and public collections. Admired by his peers, Ron has been described as the “potters’ potter!”

Ron was born in Manitoba and completed school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He attended University of Regina where he studied drawing, painting and ceramics. He continued to perfect his craft in apprenticeship with Keswick Ridge Craftsmen in New Brunswick.

A respected and popular educator,Ron has taught at University of Saskatchewan, Holland College and University of Prince Edward Island. He has instructed people of all ages — novice to professional — in drawing, painting, design and pottery. He currently instructs at the PEI Potters’ Co-op.

His work is influenced by both Oriental and English traditions. With a love of form and decoration, his pottery reflects his appreciation of landscape, nature and the beauty of the Island.