Ayala Bar

Ever since I can remember I have loved drawing, sculpture, embroidery or sewing. I studied art in a professional capacity but people are sometimes surprised to learn that this did not include jewelry making or silversmithing.

Yet, I have always been drawn to jewelry as a form of expression and given that, I have stayed involved in several fields of creativity at once, the area of collage came naturally to me. "Matchmaking" materials is what I love to do: testing contrasts, colors and textures and how they interact together.

My main source of inspiration has always been the materials themselves rather than ideas that come from within. One of my main sources of influences stems from my cultural background; my grandmother emigrated from Afghanistan to Israel.

I am happy to think that I can bring joy to others throught what I make. I a fortunate to have the scope to develop and refresh my collections rather than remain static. It is my hope to continue to evoke curiosity and intrigue through my artistic productivity. For me, this is the true essence of what Ayala Bar stands for.