Eleanor Lowden

Artist statement:
My passion for art is about color. I employ color to express how I feel about a subject, and my work is recognizable for the particularly vibrant palette that I choose. I simplify shapes in order to draw with my brush, and layer colors so that they glow. Much of my inspiration comes from the autumn colors which are especially brilliant in northern Ontario.

I work in both watercolour and acrylic. Both mediums offer the freedom to explore colors as vibrant and exciting as my imagination.

I have been looking at our everyday life, studying relationships, as well as some of the ways we spend time day to day.
have always been intrigued by paintings of people (daVinci, Hopper, Manet, Schiele, Picasso to name a few) I believe that there are so many stories to tell through paint, that there is a never ending well of ideas from which to draw. Paintings of people to me are the most powerful, the most well remembered in our history of art.

I have spent the last 5 years painting figures, mostly engaged in solitary, everyday activities. These simple stories explore universal themes.

As my work evolves I seem to return to old themes and familiar inspirations. I hope you enjoy the journey of my work as much as I have.

Eleanor studied fines arts at University of Western Ontario, Ontario College of Art, Alberta College of Art as well as various workshops. She is also a workshop instructor.